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Founder of The Weltmer Institute
of Suggestive Therapeutics

The Weltmer Institute was located at the southwest corner of Austin and Ash Streets (later home of Milster Funeral Home but razed in 2005) in Nevada. It was founded by Sidney A. Weltmer who was described as a professor, hypnotist, healer, and mystic. The seal for the Weltmer Institute indicates that it must have been founded in 1887. Old postcards and ads refer to it by different names: "The Weltmer School of Magnetic Healing", "The Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics", "The Weltmer School of Healing", but usually just "The Weltmer Institute". The motto of the Institute was, "Where every known disease is cured without medicine or surgery".


A Short Sketch of the Founder's Early Experience

PROFESSOR SIDNEY A. WELTMER, began the study which developed into his lifetime work, from borrowed medical books, which he read, laying open upon his knees as he jogged along country roads on a farm wagon—at night by the flickering light of a tallow wick and at every other available moment he could spare from his duties as the oldest son of a family trying to dig a living out of the gully-etched, red clay hillsides of an eighty acre farm in Central Missouri.

At the age of nineteen he was almost qualified to practice medicine but was advised by the kindly country physician—lender of the precious medical books—to give up his ambition to become a Doctor and devote his energies to checking the rapid course of the disease from which he was suffering. The advice was sound and practical, but was given without a ray of hope, for according to the highest medical knowledge of that day his ailment would undoubtedly prove fatal.

He had been a weakling since childhood, and on the approach to his majority decided, for the benefit of his own health, to complete the study of Medicine which he had taken up with enthusiasm five years before. At this same time theology claimed much of his energy, and after two years of studying Medicine, and attending to the minor duties of the Baptist Pastorate, to which he had been called, he was told by the Doctor from whom he was learning, that he was rapidly developing consumption. The good old Doctor hoping for the best, but resigned to the worst, encouraged his young friend all he could, but knowing the futility of medical treatment, simply threw his student on
his own resources.

This young man would not believe that life with its day dreams should be snuffed out, notwithstanding the verdict of his teacher and other skillful physicians - "Lingering death for a few months and then the end."
Realization of his own physical condition had been gradually taking definite form in his mind and even youth and ambition could not blind his reason to the ultimate result. He felt that his ambition to minister to the needs of humanity could not find expression in the way he desired, but like many who suffer from a so-called incurable malady, his greatest desire was to relieve the suffering of others.

However, he was discouraged and in his discouragement studied the Bible.
Being of a religious temperament and seeing an outlet for his ambition to serve, he naturally turned to this study of the Bible. In the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth he received the inspiration and instruction which restored his health.

He studied more closely than ever before. In Christ's last injunction to the followers he received the first word of hope. The clouds were lower than usual - he had been exhausted by the continual coughing and the hemorrhage which followed - the thread of hope was near breaking - traditions of the past forgotten - that day a crisis was reached. He seemed all quiet and alone as he sat and read.
"And he said unto them go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth noth shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues. They shall take up serpents and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; but they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover."

Here was a promise to all that believe - and did he not believe? The clouds rolled away - the world was beautiful - he was again a part of it. His path to recovery seemed so clear that he wondered why he had ever been ill.


From that time forward he sought in every direction for that which would define and explain the principles underlying the scriptural healing, as done by Jesus and the Disciples, to the understanding of the modern man.

His search led him into many strange paths of study. He read everything that seemed to have even the slightest bearing upon the subject. Mesmerism, the theories of Davies, Buchanan and the works on spiritism, Indian Philosophy, Christian Theology and Modern Science but none of these seemed to hold the truth he sought. He continued to search and pray but he never doubted. There was a Divine Principle that had saved him, but how to grasp—hold—make it his own and impart its blessings to humanity; that was his problem.

The trouble was that he was not yet ready to receive the teaching which would enable him to translate the inspiration, he had found in the works of Jesus and the Disciples, into terms of present usage.

It was only after he had enriched his life with a deeper understanding of his fellow beings, in sharing their joys and sorrows, in lending his aid in their need, through his contact with them in all classes and conditions, that he was fitted to interpret the truth when he found it.

He studied mankind from the master's desk of country schools, from the pulpit of Baptist Churches, from the editors' desk and type case of a country newspaper. He wrote County Histories, installed and cared for public libraries, sold test books to rural school boards, canvassed for and taught in Colleges. His were nearly all the experiences of an earnest young man trying to make his way in the world.


His work never smothered his unsatisfied desire. His mind was ever on the alert for a grain of truth that might lead to the solution of the one great problem of his life, and when the first ray of light came to him, in the answer to a question he had asked of a boy, less than 13 years old, with whom he was experimenting in the deep stages of hypnosis, he found himself unable to realize that his search had ended and that, without mystery, magic or supernatural revelations.

"How can I heal the sick as Jesus did?" was the question, and the answer came without hesitation.

"Lay your hands on the sick and try it as Jesus did."

Was this the true answer to the problem he had so long struggled to solve?: "Lay your hands on the sick and try it as Jesus did." No scientific jargon—or complex formula—only a simple statement—a suggestion.

Surely this simple answer could not contain the principle of the great truth he had sought.

Yet was it so extremely simple ?

The answer had been, "Lay your hands on the sick and try it as Jesus did,"—"as Jesus did." And there was the great principle. He knew, that the healing performed by Jesus and the Disciples was not accomplished by the mere physical contact of the hand with the sufferer's body, for there were healings recorded in which there could have been no possible physical contact. He remembered the incident of Jesus and the Centurion as recorded in Matt., 8-8:13. And again the record of the woman of Canaan, in Matt., 15-22:28, and even another instance of the Greek woman of Syrophoenicia, told in Mark, 7-26:30.


Faith had been the one thing exacted in all these cases and in all the other healing works of Jesus and the Disciples. Their success seemed to depend upon the amount of faith exercised by the healer and his patients. The record seems to emphasize this one point above all others. In Matt., 13-58, and Matt., 17:14 he found records of failures due to unbelief. His own restoration had been the result of his unquestioning belief and faith.

He reviewed his Bible studies in the light of this new understanding and everywhere he found faith emphasized as the active principle in the healing works of Jesus and his followers. This element lacking, and their efforts brought no results.


He sought out his friends and treated them with such gratifying results that he neglected his other work and devoted his time almost entirely to healing.

It was his ambition to have every physician include his methods in his medical education and practice; but like every other innovator his methods were not seriously considered and in many instances were entirely discredited by the physicians to whom he felt the application of his discoveries should be entrusted.

He endeavored to interest the physicians in the practice of his methods so that he could devote his time to the formulation of a complete system of Text Books, that all mankind might have the benefits.

He was so anxious to give relief to the afflicted and to establish his methods, that he gave his service, night and day, without thought of remuneration, until his financial condition had reached a crisis.

He found that he was indebted to various people for a total of about $3,000 and that there was due him from those whom he had treated, a total sum of about $1,500. His creditors began to crowd him for a settlement of their claims. He made an appeal to those whom he had served in their distress and of the $1,500 due him he received only $3.50 which was paid by a poor old woman who made her own support by taking in washing.

He had given freely and the fact that those whom he relieved of pain and suffering did not pay him the amounts due, was a crushing blow to his enthusiasm. However, after waiting and receiving no further payments, he returned the $3.50 paid by the old woman and sent receipts to all the others.


He had reached the conclusion that it was his duty to devote his life to the advancement and extension of the methods which it had been his privilege to demonstrate in the many remarkable results he had obtained.

He notified his creditors that he would pay them as soon as possible, resigned from the faculty of the College in which he had been teaching and with a family of seven, dependent upon him, he entered upon his life work, with the firm conviction that it was his duty to serve the sick and leave a record of his work for all who should come after.

His determination reached and bridges burned, he started into his work, under a strict financial, and sound scientific policy.

He endeavored to heal all who applied for treatment and kept a true record of all the cases he treated.

Soon he discovered that something was lacking in those with whom he failed. No response rewarded his efforts to relieve them and be was led, naturally, to compare his successes with his failures. This analysis brought out, with unmistakable clearness, the necessity of teaching the Philosophy as well as practicing the art of healing.

As his work increased the problem of arousing the faith of his patients in the Power that Heals became more and more complex. He had little difficulty with those who shared his unquestionable trust in the promises of Jesus and those who were amenable to suggestion, but he discovered that these were exceedingly few, compared with those who needed his help and whose education and training would not cause them to believe that their physical ailments could be overcome without ill tasting doses, or painful surgical treatment. This condition caused him great concern, for his ambition was to "heal them all" and to do this he must make his methods effect all sufferers.

His researches led him far into the fields of Biology, Physiology and Human Psychology. In these branches of learning he found that thought is basic in all physical expression of any kind whatever; that the healing power is intelligent; is within the patient; and must be the final dependence, no matter ivhat the remedy. All his experiences had pointed this way, and here was positive substantiation of all his conclusions.


Psychology seemed to hold the immediate solution to his problem. To know the processes of Mind and utilize them to procure the ready responses of every sufferer became the end for which he sought. This involved continuous study, experiment and careful observation in every case that came to him for treatment. Gradually out of this experience he gained a clearer knowledge of the whole system of natural laws which govern human life, and he discovered many distinct mental attitudes which contribute to the health or distress of mankind. He gradually evolved an effective and practical Psychology of which he formulated a statement reducing the hitherto complexities of mental states and activities to the simplest terms, rendering it comprehensible to the average mind. This reduction of Psychology to mathematical accuracy solved the problem he set out to master, i. e., to formulate a system that would reach the mind of the sufferer, regardless of his education or religious bent, and elicit the response necessary to a cure.

Under intelligent conscious direction, he learned to make his hands wonderfully effective in conveying direct and reflex suggestions for health.

He discovered that the mental element is the important factor in all human affairs and that it requires expression of the same qualities of mind on the part of the patient to make a successful business of getting well, that it does to succeed in any other form of endeavor. He learned that faith is the fountain of hope and that to inspire a sufferer with faith and courage is to arouse the hope and ambition, for that perfection, which every being desires and is inherently capable of acquiring.


The struggles he passed through were not altogether in learning the processes of his patients' mind, for he found much to study and master in his own mental processes and the overcoming of all the difficulties he encountered in himself und ulsowhuru constituted the expuriuncusi which supplied the knowledge upon which Suggestive Therapeutics and Applied Psychology is based.


Notably among his first cases was Mr. D. Blair, the son of a well-known clothing merchant of Sedalia, Missouri, who was healed of locomotor ataxia in the remarkable short period of seventeen days; and another equally astounding case was that of Lucile Brickie, then nine years old, afflicted with infantile paralysis, whose restoration was accomplished in less than six weeks.

Numerous cures of sciatica, chronic stomach and bowel troubles, and all manner of nervous disorders yielded as readily to his treatment and attracted such widespread attention that a business organization was formed and what is now known as the Weltmer Institute of Suggestive Therapeutics of Nevada, Missouri, was founded.



In establishing an Institution of this character the founders had no precedent to guide them, for this was the first institution of its kind ever established and there were no plans charted for its successful and safe conduct.


In 1900 a concerted attack was made to destroy the Weltmer Method of Healing. Persecutions and prosecutions followed one another in rapid succession until November 17, 1902, when the litigation had finally reached the United States Supreme Court, which sustained Professor Weltmer's work, and among other things declared his methods and practice to be "sound and practical" "legitimate and lawful and in no conflict with the laws of Congress.

This settled, for all time, the legal status of the Weltmer Method of Healing.


In 1899 Professor Weltmer wrote a Mail Course in Magnetic Healing, of which some forty-five thousand courses were distributed among the English speaking inhabitants of all parts of the world. This course was little more than a statement of principles, with instructions for the demonstration of the principles stated.

It was made as comprehensive as possible but was very brief. Its great charm and popularity were due to the fact that every statement was a deduction from the actual experiences of the author, every principle laid down was capable of positive and practical demonstration by any person of average intelligence and the whole proposition was presented so that any one would know just how to prove, by trial, the assertions made in the lessons.

The benefits to humanity, resulting from the plain statement of these principles and experiences, can never be definitely estimated. The teaching of this Original Course has enabled thousands to overcome diseases of mind and body, and to cure and prevent sickness in themselves and within their homes. As the result of this work there are, today, Suggestotherapists in every state, as well as in all parts of the world, who are healing the sick and afflicted, thus bringing peace and happiness to humanity.


At this point let us see the cumulative effect of this great movement toward freedom from disease and personal limitations.

When he first came to Nevada, on February 19, 1897, and established his School of Healing, Professor Weltmer's success was assured because of his many remarkable successes in healing those who were considered hopeless invalids. His fame spread in all directions. Naturally he revolted against the idea that he had any miraculous power and he quoted many sayings of Jesus to explain that mental, physical, and spiritual healing are accomplished by the Power of the Infinite, and not by man or by any of his material means or contrivances.

From the very beginning, when he was asked by his students if they could manifest this same healing power, his answer was:

"You can do what I do, when you know what I know. And I can teach you what I know."

In 25 years, this Sanitarium and School, starting with nothing except a method that would heal, had extended his influence and service to all parts of the world. By means of his personal service, courses and publications, he directly served and benefited more than five hundred thousand people. And each one of these, in turn, in their personal contact with relatives, friends, acquaintances and audiences, extended the benefits of the Weltmer Method, Suggestotherapy to a large number of persons.

By means of its teachings and actual practice, this Institution had developed the Science of Suggestotherapy, which is the twentieth century meant for the healing of the sick, the unhappy, and the poor. Thus it was abreast of the twentieth century developments in other lines of human endeavor.

The Weltmer Method—Suggestotherapy—stood several severe investigations, the most severe of which resulted in the report that:

67 percent of its patients had been cured or permanently benefited.
30 per cent additional were well pleased, and only
3 percent were displeased.

So this work has been two fold, healing and teaching. Professor Weltmer, not only established a Sanitarium so those who came to Nevada could have the very best of attention while there, he also continually improved this part of his work, at the cost of thousands of dollars, so that the Weltmer Sanitarium gave service equal to the best in the country.

The same ws true of his resident course of instruction, for which he has added, from time to time, all the laboratory equipment necessary to give the student the most scientific training.

The correspondence courses were improved, revised, added to, and in every way made to correspond to the new discoveries, methods and improvements that have come to light.

The Home Method of Healing, in which Professor Weltmer took the greatest interest because of the many and remarkable life-giving results brought about in his patients, was also improved in many ways. For a period of twelve years, extensive experiments in telepathy were carried on, and these gave him valuable information which greatly helped him in his Home Treatment Service.

The Institute was so successful that extra trains to Nevada were added. At one time, the Institute did an amazing number of treatments by mail. In fact, so many requests were being made that Nevada had to build a larger post office.
During the 1920's, there were lawsuits over the Weltmer "treatments". The Institute ceased to operate in 1933.

Since that time, by sheer force of Merit, Suggestive Therapeutics has overcome prejudice, unbelief and disease.

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